Posttdoctral position in Keil University (Dr. Alexander Klimovich group)

I am looking for a new member of the team - a motivated and independent postdoc experienced in bioinformatics who could spearhead the project "Functional diversity of taxonomically restricted genes in Hydra" in my group.

The project is dedicated to deciphering the role of taxonomically restricted genes (TRGs, a.k.a. orphan genes) in development and differentiation of cell types, particularly neurons. The primary goal of the project is to gain insights into the structural and functional diversity of proteins encoded by TRGs in the genome of the freshwater polyp Hydra. The main objectives will be: i) consolidation of existing Hydra genomic data (Chromium 10X, PacBio, Nanopore); ii) detailed annotation of the Hydra genome - its repertoire of conserved and, especially, non-conserved, orphan genes; iii) integration of data on expression of these genes in cell types and during ontogenesis (including single-cell RNA-Seq). I need an experienced bioinformatician to accomplish these tasks. Nevertheless, lab experience is also very welcome, and there is definitely a use for it.

I offer a postdoc contract for 2 years. In addition, resources for consumables and a lab technician are also secured. The application deadline is 1st August 2021, anticipated start of the contract 1st September 2021. Given the current constraints, it is possible to start working on the project remotely, and join the lab in Kiel only in the second year of the contract.

Potential candidates are welcome to contact me directly.
Dr. Alexander Klimovich
Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel
Zoological Institute
Am Botanischen Garten 1-9
24118 Kiel, Germany
Phone: 49-431-8804178; Fax: 49-431-8804747
Email: aklimovich@zoologie.uni-kiel.de
Web: https://www.alexander-klimovich.com