The 52nd annual meeting of the JSDB by Ding Xiang

Ding Xiang
(SLST, Tongji Univ, IIV, Shanghai Tenth Hosp)
The 52nd Japan Society for Developmental Biology was held in Osaka, Japan on May 13, 2019. It was my fortunate to have participated in the conference and presented the posters. And it is my honor to accept the fellowship provided by 52nd Annual meeting for JSDB. Thank you for the JSDB fellowship program.
The organization was carefully organized and arranged to make you feel the atmosphere and enthusiasm of the international conference. I listened to the wonderful speeches of every teacher and classmate. I not only learned a wealth of academic knowledge, but also broadened my horizons. I learned more about my colleagues in the same direction, learned about other laboratory research methods and methods, and defined my own. Some advantages and disadvantages learned from each other enhance the level of my own scientific research.
The Japanese Society for Developmental Biology has specially invited editors and reviewers from journals related to developmental biology to explain the techniques for writing and submitting papers. The abstract of science and technology is the essence. It should be brief and logical, and concisely introduce the main content of this article. The preface mainly states the background of the research field and explains its central idea or importance. The various aspects of the research area have been specifically addressed, paving the way for known information. Point out the necessity of further research, give the author's research objectives, or outline the research content or research findings. And pay attention to three points. First, what is the research result of this paper, and what does the research result mean? Second, who needs to understand the results of these studies? Third, why do these readers need to understand your research results? (These results contribute to the ongoing research work in this area). During the meeting, everyone also discussed and exchanged the problems and precautions in the submission process. I have gained a deep understanding of the entire paper writing and submission process, and benefited a